Monday, April 17, 2006

Chronicles 15 - 2004 - Waiting, waiting, waiting

At the end of 2003 my UK co-producer met with a director who had read and liked the script. I watched her movies. I really liked her work. She was a strong possibility. We went out to another director who later passed. The choice was made for us. I liked her. I didn't want to send the script out to anyone else.

I went to the AFM in February 2004. We met with sales agents at the AFM and I had some meetings at the animation studios and we met with a few prod. co's like Morgan Creek. Nothing much came of the AFM apart from establishing more contacts.

At this point we were out to another star at the major agency where I had landed a supportive agent. Her client had already passed. The major male star also passed. The rest of 2004 was spent getting the script to actors via their agents or managers. Since the actors took months to read the script 2004 was spent just waiting, waiting, waiting. They all passed. It felt like the project wasn't going anywhere. Time was passing. I was getting older and the entropy of the universe was irreversibly increasing.

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