Friday, November 25, 2005

Screenwriting shopping list

This is an extract from a post on the Done Deal forum:

Done Deal



Here are ten great questions you should ask yourself about your script/story while you are developing it, writing it, and when you are finished.

1) What do you want to say with your script or story about...?
The state of the world?
Life in general?

2) How will audiences/readers react to your story? Is the story...

3) Where does your story begin?
What is the set up?
Is the protagonist in a crisis?
Have you established your world? The rules? The restrictions?

4) Where does your story end?
What is the outcome or resolution? And why?
Do you answer any and all questions presented?
Did you fulfill the premise of the story?

5) Is there rising tension?
Are there suprises?
How does the conflict escalate?
Is there a climax?

6) Your characters?
Are they likable?
Unique or different?
Bigger than life?
Will an audience care about them?

7) What is your protagonist like?
Can audiences empathize with them?
What do they want?
What are their goals in life? Needs?
What's at stake for them?
Are they tied to the problem they face? No turning back?

8) What is your characters motivation?
Are these motivations shown?
Woven into the story?

9) Who or what is the antagonist?
Why are they trying to stop your protagonist?
Is the antagonist a worthy foe?
What drives them?
What do they want or need?

10) Do you over explain your story?
Is everything spelled out too clearly?
Is the set up "messy" and too busy?
Do events get explained rather than unfold dramatically?
Do too many key events take place off screen?