Friday, April 14, 2006

Chronicles 14 - "I absolutely love this script"

So it's November 2003, over three and a half years since conceiving the idea for the rom-com.

I'm driving down the 405 Freeway on the way to my next meeting. Things are going well. I've been offered representation on my family-comedy by a respectable boutique agency. I have a meeting set up with a big 3 agency to discuss attaching top talent to my rom-com and I've had a great response so far from casting directors to my script and also some great responses to our animation pitches. I've made it! Well, not so fast, read on.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. So I'm driving down the 405 and see the huge sprawl of LA before me and I start to get the feeling that I'm cracking my way into this beast. The mobile phone rings. I get a call from a casting director, well, not any casting director, this woman has a huge reputation in Hollywood. She's cast some HUGE movies. She says she doesn't have time to see me - but - she says she, "...absolutely LOVES this script...each character is really well drawn...I really want to take my time on this project...let's talk in January". Wow. A legend has just called me and told me she "absolutely loves my script". I've made it. Well, umm, no, I never spoke to this woman again.

When I phoned in January she was busy with a big Warner Bros project and I only spoke to her assistant. It never worked out. Still, I enjoyed the moment. You have to enjoy moments like that!

The week continued on the same high. I met the big talent agent who said my script was very well written and she gave me a list of actors that she was willing to send the script out to. Trouble was, not many of the names could raise finance. Still, there was always her big female star. She told me I would hear from her in 2 weeks. It ended up being 3 months - and, yes, the female star passed. Another fade out.

The literary agent sort of faded out too. Long story. Oh yeah, Disney loved our pitches and took over 1 year to come back to us with a pass. So much for making it!See Chronicles 13