Monday, December 10, 2007

Chronicles 57 - Back from Down Under

Haven't had the chance to blog much lately. I was in Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney. The trip was day job related, delivering software training but I slipped in a film meeting in Melbourne - a chance to meet up with the director of my rom-com and do some location scouting for what will hopefully be a shoot faking Cannes and London in Melbourne. The reason for doing this is that there's a nice fat rebate down there right now. Up to 40%, at least on the portion of the budget that qualifies.

The weather in Sydney was a bit overcast and rainy so the great Australian summer proved elusive except for my weekend down in Melbourne which was nice and sunny. Driving round Melbourne I was sometimes reminded of London, especially the riverside galleries and some streets reminded me of Santa Monica and others with their Victorian verrandas reminded me of British seaside towns or something out of a Merchant-Ivory movie.

I've taken a bit of a break from the writing while travelling. I was feeling a bit burnt out from writing the play which is now in rehearsal AND delivering the first draft of the historical drama assignment AS WELL AS developing training material and delivering software training in the US and Asia Pacific. Needless to say the drama script has been met with a whole pile of notes which will keep me busy in January!

Got back last week and was surprised how persistent the jet lag is. Been feeling pretty whacked out all week. Still, managed to get down to some writing today. Basically prep work on the play adaptation I'm writing for the New York producer.

Ironically after my rant regarding time wasters in my previous blog and the ups and downs of financing I spoke to my UK exec producer and some very positive developments are in the works. Feeling positively encouraged after the conference call with him and my LA producer but in a fickle and ever changing business like this I'm trying not to shout anything from the roof tops any more!

One thing's for sure. My play is in rehearsal and God willing will have its premiere on January 10th so that will be nice.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and have a great new year!

Ciao for now