Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chronicles 55 - Out of the Blue

Just got back after doing the trans-atlantic red-eye from New York. Hardly slept at all. Got a points upgrade on the way there but on the way back had to slog it out in coach. I'm knackered. How do people sleep in that position? I just can't do it so while the passenger next to me was happily sleeping away I'm reading Fade-In and Empire magazine.

New developments - I received an out-of-the-blue email from a Beverly Hills based production/finance company who said they were ready to finance and are interested in financing my rom-com. They then met my co-producer who is based in LA and hooked up a meeting for next week with the decision makers of a big German film fund who are also interested in the project.

The finance also comes with a US domestic distribution deal and a reputable sales agent attached which is potentially great. It means the sales agent is on-board, at least on paper, before offers are sent out to cast.

This could avoid that whole need-cast-for-finance, need-finance-for-cast routine which would (I will use the preface, 'potentially') be great.

Although this is exciting I'm trying to not get too hyped up because it really depends on so many factors especially with SAG striking soon which may it difficult to attach talent. The LA finance source like the New York finance source I was dealing with require a 10-15% equity stake so it's a question of getting that and seeing whether it will work with their funding in terms of recoupment.

So, I will have to see how the meeting in LA goes next week.

In the meantime I had an awesome meeting with my New York indie producer on my other gritty urban black-comedy-thriller project. She absolutly loves the play that I wrote and is totally convinced about my ability to write the film. Okay, so what? I should know that myself right? Well, we writers are an insecure bunch and like actors need a pat on the head (regularly!) and people that believe in us, especially industry people who have credits, good taste and a good reputation. It's tough out there so when you find your champions it's a shot in the arm, it's inspiring and keeps you going.

The producer would like to have a reading in London with named actors next year so I have to get going on the script. The treatment is kinda done so I have a basis to move forward.

I didn't meet my NYC casting director while I was over there. There didn't seem to be much point really. She came on board to attach A list talent and gave the impression that she had 'relationships' with LA agents but it transpires that she doesn't. Reality is that in 12 months she hasn't got one read. It's so easy to get strung along in this business. Still, par for the course, live and learn and all that.

Apart from that have to work on 2-3 scenes in the play so that in December it is ready for rehearsal. The last few weeks have essentially been a workshop period which is great since that means it's already been through a development process.

I'm back in New York in 2 weeks and then possibly Singapore and Oz so I'm basically writing my assignment project in hotels, airport lounges and planes. I've no choice, I have to grab the time wherever I can. Got to produce those pages every day! I'm on a deadline. Forget procrastination, well, okay, a little, maybe. :-)

Back to the keys.

Oh, forgot to mention that I met with a few of my screenwriting buddies in the US. Hi guys! I enjoyed our get-together. See you again soon hopefully!