Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chronicles 53 - More Multi-tasking

So I've been doing the usual multi-tasking stuff. On top of project managing a training I'm delivering in the US to corporate pre-sales people, (basically all geeky tech IT stuff that pays the rent) I am also:

1) Working with my wife on the translation of the play into German.
2) Waiting for notes back on the second drama assignment
3) Dealing with exec producers in the UK and the US.
4) Started re-writing (one sentence) the treatment of the project which will be produced by the NYC producer. I'll then be submitting the treatment for development funding in the UK.

So, I need to start on point 4) ASAP but it's been tough. Translating a play isn't just about handing it over to a translator, in this case my wife, but I also have to make sure the play works in German. Even with my bad German I know when the flow, rhythm, humour and also the meaning of the dialogue has been 'lost in translation' so I'm sitting together with my wife and going through it line-by-line. After that it also gets workshopped by the actors which result in more changes, cuts etc. So that has taken longer than I thought which has left less time for working on the treatment.

Also point 3) has been a roller-coaster with the NY fund changing the goalposts on the finance side. Before they were talking about token pre-sales but now they are looking to raise 15% of the finance via pre-sales. Not good. Pre-sales means you need cast to get a sales agent and if you go out to cast without being fully financed then it can takes years to attach A list names. A chicken and egg scenario I was hoping to avoid.

Ideal scenario is to have the cash in escrow and then go out with offers. In the meantime I'm waiting back on another funding source which is making great progress. Now it's a question of the big cheese who runs the fund to a) give the okay and b) decide how much they will invest. Watch this space etc...

Ciao for now