Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chronicles 50 - Multi-tasking

I'm really multi-tasking at the moment. The previous weekend I worked round the clock to knock out the first treatment of the second historical assignment project. This then gave me a breather as the producer took about a week to read and prepare notes. In the meantime I took the opportunity to knock out the first draft of the play which is going on in January.

We actually had a play reading in front of an audience of a 3 minute extract from the play and because two of the actors weren't in town I had to do the reading. On the whole it went quite well except that I jumped a line and there was that interesting moment were I could see the look on the other actor's face and I knew that I'd made a mistake but I couldn't figure out what it was and somehow we got to the end. No retakes in the theatre unfortunately!

It was interesting just rehearsing a 3 minute piece I suddenly realized how much work it must be to rehearse a whole Shakespeare play. God knows how actors remember all that stuff and stay in character, it's unbelievable.

So in the lull where I'm waiting for feedback on the play I'm going back to the assignment. The producer thinks the treatment is a very good basis for the script and he loves the ending but he has some notes on Act 1 and pushing the mid-point further into Act 2. I'm doing a bit more research before I tackle the rewrite and will probably launch into the 2nd draft treatment on the weekend.

In the middle of this I have to project manage a big event coming up in the US re. my day job which makes things a bit busy to say the least! Help! Once the play goes into rehearsal then I have to bring another project into the mix which is the project with the New York producer. Main aim there is to write up a more detailed treatment and apply for dev. funding and also start writing the script.

Once the play is out of the way then at least I'm only juggling 2 creative projects on top of my day job! Two is do-able but with three I'll have steam coming out of my ears!

The short premiered in LA Shorts film fest last Sunday. Couldn't go there unfortunately but according to the director it went down very well and people were laughing out loud in all the right places which is great. Next screening is Austin, Texas.

In the meantime I'm waiting back on a Hedge Fund to partially finance my rom-com. According to the exec producer it looks positive but who knows? If they come through then coupled with the US fund I could be fully financed in October which means that we can go out with serious offers to cast and actually get taken seriously by agents. If the money is not there it's hard to get read OR know if you really have been read by A list talent. Anyway, the trick is not to wait and, as I've said before, create!, because you never know if it will ever happen and it's the journey not the destination etc etc ...

I got an email the other day from the producer who commissioned the three historical projects asking me to sign a CAA release form and send it off. This mega Hollywood director wants to read the script which is based on a true story. This guy has done movies at the level of Cameron or Bay so it's definietly an endomorphin shot getting that news but hey, you never know, it's still a lottery, of sorts.

Ciow for now