Monday, September 17, 2007

Chronicles 51 - Character is plot, plot is character

Spent the weekend researching the historical background of the drama assignment and writing out character profiles. The producer built that into the contract and even though it meets with an inner grown because my natural urge is to cut to the chase and write the script I'm glad it's in there.

Writing character profiles really does help not only in terms of clearly defining characters and their goals, motivations and arcs but in the process it also helps with plot problems. Essentially the more solid the foundation is in terms of character and plot before writing the first draft then the easier it will be. I always find dialogue easier but sitting down and mapping out plot and character involves more use of grey matter.

So I'm continuing with that again today which also takes me out of that whole waiting thing, well, not completely, but I always think that if you are writing a new project you are creating a new opportunity and you never know, the others may never manifest or may take a very long time but the project you are working on now could be 'the one', and as that lottery advert says 'it could be you'.

Ciow for now