Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chronicles 18 - I'm Waiting for my Man

Up to Lexington 125...oops wrong blog.

So where am I? Currently waiting back from the producer who was interested in 'coming on board'. I called him. He said he'd call me back. He didn't. He then emailed saying he would call - shortly - he hasn't. I call him. No answer. Mmmmh...

Received an email from a UK agent that her client - huge megastar whose veritable nod would thrust this movie into hyperspace - "enjoyed the read but it isn't what he wants to do right now".

Mmmh...this sentence is becoming depressingly all too familiar. Question. Did he really read the script? Mmmh.... Did the assistant read it and send him a brief synopsis? Mmmm... Did he read the first ten pages and throw it at his dog? Mmmh...

In the meantime I'm waiting back from the US agent who reps the US mega comedy star who's fee is about twice the budget of this movie! Dream on buddy.

Anyway as that guy from Wayne's World would say, "Live in the now, man!", so I'm working on my next script. Moving on. Doin' my thang. Keepin' on Truckin'. Can't put all your Basques in one Exit as my Dad used to say. Exit, Eggs-it. Get it?

Good night and good luck :-) See Chronicles 17